Live unique moments under the sky of Sifnos!

Summer is a season that loves celebrations and events. At Oniropagida we offer you the tools you need to create unique events and unforgettable summer memories.

We undertake all kinds of social events in our space and offer you unique experiences

Weddings, baptisms, birthdays, bachelor parties and any other event in your life that you want to share with friends and acquaintances and give it a special color, organize it at Oniropagida! We have a large outdoor area with a spectacular view, suitable for any occasion.

We offer Catering

with local delicacies of Sifnos and a variety of dishes
In Sifnos, the birthplace of Tselemende, visitors are lucky enough to taste special dishes, made with love and pure local ingredients. Among the most famous dishes of the island are Mastelo (with goat or lamb), chickpeas, chickpea meatballs and caper salad. Sifnos offers all kinds of tasty delights that will satisfy even the most demanding palate! Tell us your special preferences and we will create a unique menu for you, which will accompany your event in the way you have dreamed of.
Ονειροπαγίδα Εκδηλώσεις - wedding-rings
Oniropagida - Events party
Oniropagida Events - cocktails
Ονειροπαγίδα Εκδηλώσεις (glasses of wine)



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